Benefits of Owning a Manufactured Home

Thinking about purchasing a new home? Here are a few things you should know about why owning a new manufactured home is an ideal option:


1. Quality

As you may know, a manufactured home comes with particular differences than your typical stick-built home that may be more beneficial to you. Our homes are built using the finest quality material and all assembled in a climate controlled environment which according to Jacobsen, “allows us to store materials inside, reducing moisture content in the lumber and other susceptible building materials used” –Jacobsen Homes . Keeping your home safe from any kind of weather damage that may occur.

In addition to quality material, our homes are built under strictly enforced Florida Building Code guidelines to ensure the safety of you and your home. Take a look at the Wind Safety information provided by Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA)

2. Timely

Furthermore, another benefit is shorter construction time due to the fact that your home is precisely designed and constructed in a factory setting. This ensures all floor plan layouts are tailored and unique to its chosen design and built in a timely manor. You will be fascinated by the timely process from factory to installation, all within a few weeks until you are settling in your new home! Check out our floor plan layouts for both El Capitan and Pelican Key here. Take the Factory Tour and get a closer look on “How it’s Built”  found here.

3. Energy Efficient – Going Green

As mentioned above, Sebastian Waterfront Lifestyle communities are built using Jacobsen Homes – the #1 Manufactured Home Builder in Florida. As your Green Builder, our homes use the latest design technologies and quality material to ensure your home is built to precision all while producing less waste material, reducing labor costs, and lowering Greenhouse gases being built in a climate controlled environment.

4. Overall Cost Effective – Get the Most Value 

One of the main benefits of purchasing new home is the location and cost. Our homes are located on waterfront property in Sebastian, FL with the luxury of having some incredible views directly from your front porch. What does this mean for you? Well, take into account quality material used, shorter construction time, and the waterfront location; you are getting all the benefits of a new home all at the fraction of the cost. Our homes allow you to live the dream of waterfront living all at a cost effective, affordable price to you. Check out the area map and local amenities section above to learn more about our home location.

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